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Thank you for enjoying the Facebook group, Massage Business with the Sailing Massage Therapist and YouTube channel, The Sailing Massage Therapist. To excel in your massage business, become a part of one of my Patreon groups and take your business to the next level!



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With your small monthly donation, this will go a long way to help myself continue to create, educate, and dream all about massage therapists and how to improve their businesses. As a Thank you, you will have access to Patreon-only content. This includes personal, never before shared stories, videos from Joyce’s sailboat Duchess, and Patreon-only articles and discussions by Joyce.



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Community Support Group
This is for members who are INVESTED in the future of their massage career. They are hungry to learn more and to get involved in a smaller, more focused community filled with support and great ideas so they can succeed.

• All the perks included in Crew Member
• Direct line to Joyce in “The Captain’s Lounge”, a private facebook group
• Joyce will be at the helm of the discussion with other members are welcome to chime in
• Together we will help answer questions about the massage business, massage techniques, client interactions, and anything massage




Oh Captain, My Captain!
Captains are committed to the success of their vessel, together we will help you become a recognized leading expert by publishing articles and playing a pivotal role in a cutting edge community taking the massage world by storm.

• All the perks included in Crew Member & First Mate
• Monthly 30-min phone call with Joyce to discuss your massage business
• One-on-one level of support
• Discussion about your growing business, challenges, and pointers on technique
• Shout out on all YouTube videos
• Opportunity to co-create with Joyce on articles, videos, and Facebook group