1. Setting the Massage Table
Have the sheet stick out slightly beyond the blanket and fold over once and then one more time to have clean edges.
Pull the sheets and blankets up to the top of the table and make sure it looks neat, clean, and inviting.

2. Undraping the Back

If you would like to begin the massage with compressions over the sheet and blanket, they could potentially be bunched up on the client’s back.
Undo the folded sections and cover the client’s shoulders to get the sheets and blankets out of the way.
To expose the back, undrape the blanket first.
Secondly, undrape the sheet. Uncovering with the blanket first and the sheet second keeps the transitions less abrupt for the client. Remember, the client wants to feel safe and secure. You never want to rip the blanket and sheet off all at once. It could leave your client feeling exposed. Make sure the sheet is out of the way so you can work on the entire back. The iliac crests should be exposed.
Avoid yanking on the blankets and sheets creating a draft for your client underneath.
This isn’t the parachute game in gym class!

3. Undraping the Leg

Start with the blanket and move it out of the way. Pick up the sheets with two hands and bring the sheet slightly up towards your client’s head. This should give you some extra material to work with towards the top of your client.
If the client is not wearing underwear and has your permission to expose the glutes, do so. If the client is wearing underwear, bring the sheet up to that boundary.
Roll the sheet underneath itself and tuck the sheet under the quads and stomach to secure.
Bring the excess blanket up and around the glutes to cover the client’s hand.
Use the weight of the blanket to hold down the sheet to keep it secure. Make sure the foot of the leg that is not being worked on and the shoulders are covered.

4. Undraping the Arm

Simply reach in and pull the client’s arm out and place it on top of the sheets and blankets. If the client’s arm is not at their side, you can ask them to move it there. Do not reach under the sheets without knowing exactly what you are reaching for. You don’t know what you may find!