• You dread dealing with your Facebook business page.
  • You have very few followers.
  • Despite how much you post, you feel like no one reacts to it.
  • When you post a link to an article, no one reads it.
  • You post infrequently because you don’t know what to say.

It’s not you! The reason you are getting ZERO traction on your massage business Facebook page is because NO ONE IS SEEING IT! Here is how to get discovered, get more followers and likes – all organically without paying for ads. This video is designed specifically for massage therapists that want to gain clients from their Facebook page.

Watch the video on how to overhaul your Facebook page:

Helpful hints you can do TODAY:

Stop posting links. Facebook is a business and in order to keep people on the platform seeing their ads, they don’t want anyone leaving. That is why whenever you post a great article, no one reads it… because Facebook severely limits the number of your followers that have your linked post show up in their feed. So, let’s say you have an audience of 200 people – when you post a link, 0-2 people will have eyes on it. Those two people are probably your mom and the one client that immediately likes everything you post. That’s it. Don’t waste your time and figure out a way to post the information directly into the post by using original content that you have created.

Speak directly to your ideal client with all your posts. If you look at your post and think that ANY massage therapist could post that, take a step back and make the post unique to you and your practice. You will not resonate with everyone – and that’s the point! Use your social media to be social with clients you want to connect with. Let your personality and creativity SHINE.

YES! I want to connect on a deep level with my clients!

Post at least every 24 hours to build momentum. Use images and text – or better yet – video. Respond to comments as soon as possible. Lastly, invite all your Facebook friends and everyone that reacts to your posts to follow the page. To gain more followers, you have to invite people. It is going to be very rare for a potential client to just stumble across your page. You have to do the hustling to make it happen – Facebook algorithms make it extremely difficult for a business page to be organically discovered without paying for ads.

Get specific about who your target client is, so you can speak directly to her.

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