Creating scarcity in your massage business schedule gives your clients a reason to act. If you are available to take appointments seven days a week at any hour, there is little motivation for your clients to schedule in advance. Also, you do not appear to be a successful massage therapist when your schedule has a lot of availability within it. What restaurant would you rather eat in, the one with the empty parking lot or the one where you need reservations a month in advance? Create a scenario in which your clients feel as if they must schedule their appointments in advance. If they do not rebook or have a reoccurring appointment, they may have to wait weeks (or months) to get on your schedule.

I started realizing the power of scarcity when I started taking vacations. When I took my first week off, two years into my practice, my clients FREAKED OUT. Like, they totally went bonkers like I was never coming back. The week before and after my vacations were completely booked to the point where I had a waiting list. So, when I started taking time off, I got busier. I know it seems counter-intuitive. Fewer days and  hours should mean fewer clients and less money. However, my schedule became busier with recurring clients, clients that rebooked, and clients that were booking further out in advance because they became afraid of missing out. FOMO! They were more motivated to book because they realized I wasn’t always sitting and waiting for the phone to ring. They had to schedule in advance to make sure they got their spot.

Now, if you are already in business and want to pull back on your hours, or days, or even incorporate more vacation time, you must be clear with your existing clients and potential clients WHY you are pulling back on your time in the office. If you don’t say anything about it, it can appear to outsiders that you are not busy enough to fill your schedule, so you are cutting back. There are plenty of good reasons to decrease your hours. (Like, you need to work on your sailboat so you can live your dreams!) Just make sure that your clients know why you are decreasing your hours so they don’t think the worst. The real reason is, you are successful and want to enjoy life more! You should be shouting it from the rooftops!

I give you full permission to have the schedule of your dreams. I give you permission to take vacations. Show your clients that self-care is important – it is a subtle way to empower them to do the same.

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