Last August, I started an Instagram account. I had no idea how the platform worked. I was coming off of years of Facebook, so looking through Instagram was like a reading ancient transcripts in a different language. I did not like it at first. I wasn’t getting any attention on my posts, I had no followers, and I felt like every time I posted, there were crickets.

Naturally, I turned to YouTube for guidance. I found people with thousands of IG followers and ached to become as popular as them. I gobbled up all the info I could find and it still didn’t work. I did what they said. I posted more, put pictures up of me being silly and natural with no makeup and I still wasn’t getting traction. It was because I was trying to be like Instagram accounts that:

  • Did not resonate with me.
  • Had nothing to do with my field.
  • I had no personal relationship with.

This is after all, SOCIAL media. We should connect with people we actually want to be social with, not someone that has a bunch of followers.

So, I started clicking. I found accounts by massage therapists that I admired, and watched them.

In just a few months, I feel like I am getting the hang of it. I am really happy with how much my page has grown which allows me to connect with more massage therapists AND I have made some great friends along the way.

I want to take the opportunity to give a shout-out to the accounts that inspired me. These five individuals are powerful, strong, massage therapists that make the massage industry look really good. I am proud to share the massage profession with these bodyworkers.

All five of these accounts possess qualities that are important to me personally when I am looking to connect with a fellow massage therapist:

Boundaries – As the founder of Respect Massage, ya’ll know I am a stickler for boundaries and putting yourself out there as a professional massage therapist. All of the following accounts are fun and personal, but never present themselves or our profession in an inappropriate manner.

Variety – These therapists all do a great job of having a balance of personal and professional posts. I can get to know who they are, but also know what is going on in their business.

They Keep It Real – I don’t want to see a perfectly curated, color coded Instagram. I want to see real people being themselves.

They Have Less Than 1,000 Followers – Gaining inspiration from accounts that already have a huge following when you are just starting out is just going to leave you feeling frustrated. Look to accounts that are just slightly larger than yours. Instagram influencers with thousands of followers are not going to be tending to their account in the same way as someone just starting off.

I encourage you to check out these accounts if you are looking for inspiration. Don’t forget to follow @thesailingmassagetherapist too!


Hope Mumby
Saratoga Springs, NY

@highrockmassage instagram photo

  • Hope’s images are gorgeous. Instagram is driven by photos and she has a gift for drawing the viewer in with her artistic approach.
  • I feel like I am part of her world when looking at her account – like we are friends. She gives off an approachable vibe through her writing to accompany each post. You can feel the thoughtfulness poured into each word.
  • Hope understands hashtags and uses them. If you want more eyes on a post, this is clutch.


Barb Helding
Racine, Wisconsin
Fun, funky, take-no-prisoners attitude.
  • Barb’s personality shines on her IG account – she has the perfect ratio of business and personality sprinkled throughout her posts.
  • If you are looking for a practitioner that has stayed on top of the latest research and information about Covid-19, Barb is it. When she reopens her practice, she wants to do so with confidence where safety is at the forefront. She has been communicating her process with her clients with honesty.


Kwamé Huntley
Baltimore, Maryland

@souldrenitywellness instagram photo

  • Kwamé is an entrepreneur through and through. She does a bang –up job of showing results, selling, all the while welcoming you into her life.
  • She is the selfie-queen.
  • Kwamé posts the best quotes. If you are looking for inspiration to share – look no further.


Nick Peterka
Portland, Oregon

@massagehodgepodge intagram image

  • Nick is an extremely hard worker, and it shows. He is always up to something new and exciting and he shouts it from the rooftops. It is very motivating!
  • He is the master of the one-minute massage video. He has me giggling with each new video he puts out. I know I can always turn to Nick’s account for a unique experience sprinkled with humor.


Ali Boehm

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


@themassagebusinessmama instagram image

  • Ali has a no-nonsense approach to massage therapy. She is phenomenal with boundaries.
  • She does an amazing job of using Instagram to let her clients know what is going on in her practice and sets a clear example for other massage therapists on how to communicate beautifully.
  • Ali does a great job of bridging her account to reach her massage clients as well as other massage therapists. This is not an easy feat.


Please follow each of these accounts and make sure you pop in to say hi with a DM!